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Charter Flights

Charter Flights

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Charter flights are one of the most flexible and efficient methods to travel throughout Guatemala and its neighboring countries. Travelers are increasingly choosing to use this service as they can define the itinerary of their trip, and number of passengers, making it tailored to suit their needs and thus make the most of their time, with the certainty that Do not be interrupted or engaged in a rigid schedule.

Our service is very convenient for individual or small travelers, groups to beach destinations, historic cities, cities where cruise ships or remote locations embark. We frequently fly on routes or airports where there are no regular flights.

Being able to provide this service means that TAG has better options for users and travelers who wish to have a more exclusive service. In addition they will arrive in a direct way to their destination they can do it with greater and better comfort.

Thinking about satisfying people's needs, the service is given 7 days a week, with 100% availability of the aircraft.

We want all our users to live an experience with TAG airlines providing the best service to meet their needs as a National airline.